Centa Centamax CM-5000-SC Elastic element

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Centamax CM-5000-SC Elastic element

Original genuine Centa Centamax Size 5000 Type SC Elastic element // Centamax CM-5000-SC Elastic element

Being a robust coupling with high torsional flexibility, CENTAMAX is the best choice for a safe resonance-free operation of drives susceptible to torsional vibration. The torsional elasticity of this steady selling design shifts critical resonances below operation speed. The drive thus is subject to minor continuous vibratory torques, protecting coupled units.

The CENTAMAX convinces by efficient ventilation: the high thermal capacity (HTC) design features a superior allowable power loss compared to conventional couplings. This not only ensures a long lifetime, but also the use of smaller cost effective coupling sizes in many cases.

Areas of Application:

  • Industry applications
  • Marine propulsion
  • Power generation
  • Industrial applications


  • Robust
  • High flexibility with linear characteristics
  • High allowable power loss
  • Available with fail safe device

Torque range: 0.1 to 45 kNm

Elastic material: Natural Rubber/Silicone/CENTALAN HT

Temperature range:

Natural Rubber – 45° to + 80°C

Silicone – 45° to + 120°C

CENTALAN HT –25° to +100°C