BoWex Elastic

BoWex Elastic

BoWex Elastic, an exceptionally flexible flange coupling element designed to address various challenges in machinery. This remarkable coupling element effectively dampens torsional vibrations, mitigates shocks, and provides effective insulation against structure-borne noise.

The BoWex Elastic coupling excels at compensating for significant shaft displacements caused by factors such as manufacturing inaccuracies, thermal expansion, and assembly misalignment.

For applications that demand robust performance in the face of severe torsional vibrations, especially when transmitting torque in setups involving diesel engines paired with splitter boxes, generators, compressors, feed pumps, high-pressure pumps, and more: The BoWex Elastic flange coupling comprises a highly flexible, circular rubber element, precisely engineered from natural rubber to withstand torque-to-bore demands. The internal axial plug-in hub component, featuring an external spline, aligns seamlessly with the BoWex® basic type.

What sets the BoWex Elastic apart is its adaptability. It comes in various elastomer hardness options and includes mounting flanges on the engine side, following SAE J620 standards, along with customizable dimensions to handle power requirements of up to 5,000 kW.

When it comes to flexible torque transmission and versatile performance, the BoWex Elastic stands as a reliable solution for your industrial needs.

Key features of Bowex Elastic HE Elements:

· Torsionally flexible

· Compact dimensions

· Suitable for I.C.-engines

· Combinable for axial, radial, and angular compensation.


Benefits of using Bowex Elastic HE Elements:

· Reduced vibration and noise

· Improved efficiency

· Extended service life.

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