KTR BoWex Elastic identification

Method 1: Examining Element Description

The element description provides crucial information for identification:

For example – BoWex-Elastic 48 HE 6 1/2

Checking Shore Hardness

The shore hardness sticker on the front side of the element provides insights into its softness and performance. Usually it is:

Method 2: Analyzing Photos and Dimensions, inner teeth number of the element

Visual inspection and dimensional measurements can aid in identifying elements when descriptions or markings are unavailable:

  • Photos: Clear images of the element from different angles can reveal distinguishing features.
  • Dimensions: Measuring key dimensions, such as diameter, length, and hub size, can help narrow down the identification options.
  • The number of internal teeth on the coupling element helps to identify the correct size standard of the BoWex-Elastic element.

    KTR BoWex Elastic identification

By combining these methods, you can effectively identify Bowex Elastic HE elements and ensure proper selection for your application.

KTR BoWex Elastic identification

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