BoWex M sleeves

BoWex M Sleeves 

Bowex M Series Polyamide Gear Coupling Sleeve The material combination of steel hubs and polyamide sleeves allows for maintenance-free continuous operation with very low friction on the teeth. Bowex couplings can be assembled both vertically or horizontally with no need for any special assembly tools. 

Keywords: Bowex M, KTR-Kupplungstechnik, D-4440 Rheine. 

Original KTR BoWex M series sleeves. >PA6.6< KTR-Kupplungstechnik GmbH D-48407 Rheine. BoWex M-14, BoWex M-19, BoWex M-24, BoWex M-28, BoWex M-32, BoWex M-38, BoWex M-42, BoWex M-48

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