Centaflex A

Centaflex A _CF-A Elastic element

CENTAFLEX A, a highly versatile and torsionally soft flexible coupling meticulously engineered in collaboration with machinery producers. This partnership ensures seamless integration into a wide array of design specifications and drive applications.

Built upon a highly elastic rubber element, the CENTAFLEX-A boasts exceptional torsional elasticity. Its primary objective is to mitigate torsional vibration and the ensuing noise, while also compensating for axial, radial, and angular misalignments.

Silicone version ensures excellent insulation properties and thermal resistance, keeping efficient power transmission with minimal vibrations and backlash.

Centaflex A Elements are built in two types:

Type 0 – Axial and radial fitment with bolts

Type 0-S – combination of pins and bolts allowing axial movement.

The CENTAFLEX A element is also available as a split element option, facilitating easy replacement. It is adaptable to various shaft lengths and can be customized with carbon-fiber or glass-fiber designs. Additionally, it holds ATEX approval, making it suitable for deployment in highly volatile environments.

Every element of the CENTAFLEX A is built in collaboration with machinery producers, to ensure optimal technical performance and long-lasting operation

Centaflex A coupling Applications include:

Diesel engines
Front power take-offs
Marine drives
ATEX Approved

Torque range: 0.01 to 12.5 kNm
Elastic material: Natural Rubber / Silicone
Temperature range: NR -45° to +80°C / Si -45° to +120°C

D.B.P. - 2019608

JAP.Pat. - 778322

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