BoWex 100 FLE-PA flange Ø352,3 H8


Original – genuine KTR BoWex FLE-PA size 100 coupling flange/element

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BoWex 100 FLE-PA flange Ø352,3 h8 DO=Ø333,4 Z=8XØ10,5 Flange/element

Original - genuine KTR BoWex FLE-PA coupling flange/element

BoWex FLE-PA couplings are torsionally rigid. Coupling flange is curved-tooth. Consisting of the material combination nylon/steel for diesel engine drives in combination with hydraulic pumps. The FLE-PA adapter flange consists of fibre-glass reinforced polyamide having a high mechanical strength and thermal stability. Steel hub of the coupling have an external curved toothing . BoWex FLE-PA couplings allow for an extremely short installation. It is easy to assemble with no need for additional alignment tools.


  • Torques from 240 to 5,300 Nm
  • High torsion spring stiffness, resonance-free operation
  • PA flange with high mechanical strength and heat stability
  • Special connection flanges available

Bowex FLE-PA flanges are torsionally stiff curved-tooth flange couplings that are commonly used in diesel engine drives in combination with hydraulic pumps. The FLE-PA mounting flange consists of fiberglass reinforced polyamide with high mechanical strength and thermal stability.

Key features of Bowex FLE-PA flanges:

•              Torsionally rigid

•              Compact dimensions

•              Suitable for I.C.-engines

•              Combinable for axial, radial, and angular compensation

Benefits of using Bowex FLE-PA flanges:

•              Reduced vibration and noise

•              Improved efficiency

•              Extended service life

Keywords: KTR-Kupplungstechnik; BoWex, FLE-PA, >PA6-GF25<, D-4440 Rheine, U.S. Patent 5586938

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