Centaflex A CF-A-400-0-50 Elastic element

Centaflex A CF-A-400-0-50 Elastic rubber element CENTA

D.B.P. – 2019608

JAP.Pat. – 778322

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Centaflex A Size 400 Type 0 Shore 50_CF-A-400-0-50 Elastic element

CENTAFLEX A - highly versatile, torsionally soft flexible coupling that is suitable for a wide range of design specifications and drive applications.

Based on a highly elastic rubber element, the CENTAFLEX-A is an extremely high-performing design with high torsional elasticity. It is designed to eliminate torsional vibration and the resulting noise, compensates for axial, radial and angular misalignment.

Its silicon composition has high insulation and thermal resistant and it provides a vibration and backlash-free, high torque, power transmission.

The CENTAFLEX A is available as an axially blind fitting design with radial mounting capability. The rubber element is available as a split element option for quick replacement, making it very easy to fit and it is compatible with many shaft lengths. It is also available in carbon-fibre or glass-fibre design options. It is also ATEX Approved for use in highly volatile atmospheres.

Applications include:

Diesel engines
Front power take-offs
Marine drives
ATEX Approved

Torque range: 0.01 to 12.5 kNm
Elastic material: Natural Rubber / Silicone
Temperature range:NR -45° to +80°C / Si -45° to +120°C

D.B.P. - 2019608

JAP.Pat. - 778322

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